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    • Reading Comprehension

      Course Description:

      This course is meant to improve the student's reading skills. Reading can be a tricky activity and is one of the four essential skills necessary for every EFL. In this course you will be studying different texts of several backgrounds and thinking about their inherent meanings. The course also covers vocabulary teaching and reflective thinking.

      Teacher in Charge : Dr Meryem MENGOUCHI

      Course Objectives: 

      • Enhancing the students ability to read criticially
      • widening the students prospects and reinforcing their ability to understanding words in different contexts
      • Learning the use of vocabulary and mastering semantic differences 
      • Building the learners' ability to skim and scan any text, extract the main ideas, and distinguishing them from the supporting ideas.

      Targetted Audience: L1 Online English Licence (FAD)

      Weekly Workload: 3 hours

      Number of weeks : Four Weeks

      Teaching Modality: Online

      Evaluation: Hybrid

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